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Death Wish Returns From Retirement to Race Mythic Content for WoD

on 27 Jul 2014 : 15:46  Posted by cutesybutton  Category: NEWS  Comments: 0
Death Wish is returning to World of Warcraft and coming back from retirement to race Mythic content in WoD.

Vanilla and TBC cleared. Multiple top-10 kills world-wide throughout all of TBC. World First High Astromancer Solarian kill.

A group of our core team is coming back to the game to compete in the world scene for PvE progression. We will be aiming for world first kills while allowing our raiding team to still maintain their priorities outside the game. Casual time requirements, top-tier efficiency.

Brief History
Death Wish first began as a horde raiding guild on Bleeding Hollow where we were the top guild on the server and cleared all content in Vanilla. After farming the original Naxxramas, the guild transferred to Cho'gall where we established our position as one of the top guilds in the world with multiple top-10 world kills including a world first High Astromancer Solarian kill. We cleared all of Sunwell pre-nerf and saw TBC raiding as the pinnacle of PvE experience. The guild continued onto WotLK and eventually retired. Most of the core team moved on and focused on other priorities in life.

The Reformation
Upon crossing paths with each other through various mediums, we entertained the idea of reforming Death Wish. After much consideration, we have decided to come back to WoW to compete on the highest level once again. Some of the core, dating back to Vanilla in 2005, will be returning. I, the original founder and GM, will be returning as GM. We miss competing against some of the world's best guilds like Nihilum, SK-Gaming, Method, Death and Taxes, Blood Legion, etc...

Well, we are officially back as of 7/2014. Death Wish is now on Illidan!

We seek to raid TWO nights per week, FOUR hours per night as our mandatory raiding schedule. We will also have an additional 1-2 optional/alternate raid nights for those who have the extra time, alt characters, and team members who did not participate in the main raid. The optional raids will give the leaders more time to develop strategies for new content.

It seems like a big a stretch to compete against the top guilds in the world on such a small time commitment, but we understand that our lives outside of WoW come first. Through efficient direction, off-hour strategy development, and additional optional raids, we seek to accomplish our raiding goals without forcing our members to sacrifice their time outside of the game.

Many of us also enjoy PvP/arenas. The light schedule will allow PvP-oriented players to also accomplish their PvP objectives as well!

NOTE: We have not decided on final raid times for progression raids. At this moment, we are raiding current content on Wednesday and Thursday nights, 8p-12a Eastern Time (7p-11p Central Time.) For the expansion, we will be raiding Tuesday and Wednesday nights followed by optional Thursday-Sunday raids.

Now that we have reformed on the Illidan server, what's next?
We have reformed on Illidan and have begun raiding the current content. Despite many of our core members returning, we understand that not all of our core will be able to return to the game. With that said, we are looking to recruit new members to round out our roster for the WoD expansion.

Who are we looking for?
Currently, all classes are OPEN.
We are looking for team players who can raid 2 nights a week. You aren't limited to only raiding those 2 nights, but we do ask that you commit two weeknights for PvE content.
Maturity, selflessness, and team-oriented mentality are all musts. This should be a given.
Extensive PvE experience preferred.
We also welcome exceptional PvP players who wish to join us for arenas and RBGs. Exceptional PvPers can find a home in Death Wish.

Though new content is our primary focus, we will still be raiding the current content until the expansion is released.

Contact me:
On our forums
Or on real ID - d4niel#1188
Or In-game - Cutesybutto/Stnujr

Thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking with many of you!

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